We train our dogs both at home and with the dogs at Wind River's Kennel & Koeberlein's Hunting Preserve.

On our 40-acre family farm we have a 1.5 acre pond, 8 acres tilled, and approximately 20 acres of pasture and CRP ground. Deer, turkeys and quail are abundant, though the wild quail numbers aren't what they used to be and we'll be working on getting them back up. We built our house and kennels here and moved in May, 2009, and have since been starting training here at home for the most part.

The Koeberlein family has over 150 acres in a licensed hunting preserve and are breeders of the Wind River line of german shorthaired pointers, of which we now have two. They train all breeds of dogs, specializing in the pointing variety. Having the opportunity to drive out and utilize Debbi's expertise on a daily basis while living in the Villa Grove area was a blessing. Since we moved I have kept in almost daily contact with the Koeberleins, and we still train together from time to time either here in Flat Rock or up North at Tolono.

Our dogs compete against a standard in AKC Hunt Tests, and we currently train them for the master hunter level. In the final stages of their training we will run them in the senior hunter tests, and then, following, the master hunter tests.

"The purpose of Hunting Tests for dogs of the Pointing Breeds is to afford an opportunity for a person to demonstrate a dog's ability to perform in a manner consistent with the demands of actual hunting conditions. Testing gauges the dog's natural hunting ability and training."

- American Kennel Club (

More about what is expected of a dog in AKC Hunt Testing can be found by visiting the American Kennel Club website,, or by clicking here.

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